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April 24, 2009

Green Point Stadium nears completion – A Cape Town Tourism Flickr photo essay


Every day I witness the steady progress of the new Green Point Stadium.

I would never have thought a soccer stadium would wow me, but this one sure wows the world!

On March 18, 2009, the day after the flames of a devastating bush fire engulfed Table Mountain, the magnificent South African sky was set alight by the many dust particles in the air. High, ragged cumulus clouds over the stadium combined with the setting sun made me rush for my camera to capture this shot.


The showpiece of soccer’s 2010 World Cup as seen from the Tigresse at sunset against the backdrop of Table Mountain, Devil’s Peak, Signal Hill, Lion’s Head and the city of Cape Town.

A glass of tasty South African champagne in my hand, my camera ready to shoot in my other and the sight of beautiful Cape Town – all made me believe I had died and gone to heaven!

I can’t recommend this highly enough. Take a boat trip when you are in Cape Town – they are not that expensive and it’s a totally different perspective of the city, with breathtaking views.


One of the major factors considered in the design of the stadium’s 36 000 square metre hanging glass roof, supported by an outer compression ring and inner tension ring, was Cape Town’s notorious wind, particularly the south-easter.

The use of heavy glass for the roof will prevent wind damage, as will the use of a truss system on top of the compression ring to reduce turbulence. It also helps create the shape of the roof, and distributes the uneven loads evenly to the cables.


April 7, 2009: After some rain which cleared the dust from the air, I decided to drive up Signal Hill to take a few long exposure shots. There are many people, especially tourists, who come to see the views and the big-sky sunset, so I feel quite safe.

How I love the sight of this town – any time, any day!


April 19, 2009: Two weeks later and you can clearly see they are racing ahead.

The white building behind the stadium is the five-star Radisson Hotel. There are many hotels and guest houses in all price ranges within walking distance of the stadium.

Now I am waiting with bated breath for the first glass panels! Fitting of the Green Point Stadium’s glass roof is expected to get under way on Monday April 27, two months ahead of schedule.

Joanne, aka Joanne/CapeTownFIFAWORLDCUP2010, is a member of the Cape Town Tourism Flickr Group, “Cape Town. Live it. Love it”. Visit Joanne’s Flickr photostream.

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Images © Joanne 2009, all rights reserved

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