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May 06, 2009

Earth Mosaic 2009 a beautiful success


While walking on the beach one evening, two friends came up with a wonderfully ambitious idea – to record a day in the life of our planet in pictures. The idea was for people all over the world to take photographs of the world around them on Earth Day, April 22, 2009, which would then be made into a giant mosaic map of the world.

This “wild idea” has been made into a beautiful reality, thanks to the hard work and creativity of Paul Bruins (the man behind the plan), André van Rooyen and their team, who built a website and got people talking about the project on the social network sites Facebook and Twitter, and on the photo-sharing mega-site Flickr. Close to 5 000 people followed what was going on, promoted Earth Mosaic and signed up to join in.

The organisers received a total of 1 630 images, which were put into two mosaics – the first using each image once (above) and the second where duplicate images were used to create a clearer map (below).

The Earth Mosaic team is all fired up to create a bigger and better mosaic in 2010, when they hope to get enough images to create the second effect using each image once.

To read more about the Earth Mosaic project, visit their website.

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