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March 11, 2013

Do you remember the Athlone cooling towers?

Do you remember the Athlone cooling towers? These long-standing landmarks of Cape Town were demolished on August 22, 2010, and yet still hold an important place in the hearts of many Capetonians. We asked the fans of our Facebook page what memories they have of the day the towers were demolished. Here's what they had to say:

Yuleen George Carelse: I remember us driving to get a good spot from which to see it being demolished. Then they did it a few mins too early! Lol almost an anticlimax because it happened so quickly! Now you see it!now you don't!

Yulene Fielies: Drove a short distance, and voila it was gone .......... When growing up always seeing it we were told it is the salt and pepper lol.

Jacqueline Scott-Dawkins: You knew how far away from the airport you were by those towers. Another bit of childhood memories that you never forget!

Tracy Palm: My dad worked there. My entire childhood was laced with shouts of "dad's work" from every road in Cape Town. My dad and the cooling towers are now gone ....  but I have happy memories of Cape Town to keep me warm in the UK winter!

Ajay Bhoopchand:

Renowned landmark of Cape Town,
Adorning the flat skyline for over fifty years,
Mother time says that you must now come down,
For many your passing may have drawn some tears,
then your demise was signalled with a cloud of dust just before noon,
Mister Mayor you pressed the button too soon!
Many of us missed the sequence of shots as the rain began falling unexpectedly
Concentrated on covering our cameras and the mayor pressed the remote trigger three minutes before the scheduled hour of noon

Ursula Hammond Cupido: How can u forget??? It's just very sad they couldn't save them....... When I get visitors from overseas I just tell them ride till the towers turn left coming from the airport

Lesley Moore: We had just arrived from England. We just stopped and watched. Got some good photos. It was a good start to a great holiday. Hope to come back soon.

Helen Owen: Passed these going home from Southern Suburbs, knew I was nearly there.

Charl Marais: I've got a piece of the towers.

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