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February 25, 2011

Design Indaba 2011: What makes Cape Town a great design city?

design indaba william price

William Price, global e-marketing manager at South Africa Tourism, supports Cape Town’s bid. Photos by Ingrid Sinclair

The Design Indaba Expo is bustling today, with hordes of eager people here to get their design fix. As part of the City of Cape Town’s bid to become the 2014 World Design Capital, Cape Town Tourism, together with Creative Cape Town and the Cape Town Partnership, has put up a stand like no other ... Colourful, creative, a blank canvas for your thoughts on creativity, the stand is an open invitation for you to come tell us why you think Cape Town is a great design city.

Here’s a look at some of the awesome comments we’ve already received.

“The tip of Africa is the tipping point!” – Dion Chang

“Contrast creates ideas”

“All great ideas are born from the table” – Ace 2011

“Endless creativity, culture, fun” – Lebo

cape town design indaba

“The mother of creativity”

“Freedom of thought, love of art” – Brenda

“African design is live and well in Cape Town!”

cape town design indaba

“CT is beautiful because it’s honest”

“A beautiful city needs to be recognised for great design”

“A cultural melting point gives birth to inspired thinking!”

cape town design indaba

“Cape Town is the capital of African creativity”

“Cape Town was designed by nature to be the design capital of the world”

“Cape Town: Where you fall in love and stay in joy” – Melinda

cape town design indaba

“Our history has made us the brilliant trendsetters and creative leaders that we are today”

“Nestled between the lion and the devil we create our own destiny” – Aidan Bennets Design

cape town design indaba

Make sure you get to stand 201 at Cape Town International Convention Centre today, tomorrow or Sunday to tell us what makes your Cape Town an incredible design capital.

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