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September 20, 2011

David Hasselhoff in Cape Town: Photos from the Loerie Awards

David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff hosted the Sunday night leg of the 2011 Loerie Awards in Cape Town. Dynamic, entertaining and animated, he delighted the 1 500-strong crowd.

All photos courtesy Gallo Images.

Loeries Hoff entrance

Chants of “Hoff, Hoff, Hoff” rang out as he introduced himself.

Loeries Hoff and Sexy Ladies

The Hoff is most famous for his roles in television series like Baywatch and Knight Rider.

Hoff Loeries Vest

The Baywatch theme song accompanied his entrance and The Hoff hammed it up for the crowd.

Loeries Hoff CT Mayor Stage

Executive Mayor of Cape Town Patricia de Lille joined him on stage. Unfortunately she did not break into a slow-motion run as she approached the legendary television lifesaver.

Loeries Hoff Black Jacket

The Hoff took all criticism in his stride, responding to hecklers with a barrage of “Hoff” jokes.

Loeries Hoff Bevy of Beauties

Before the show The Hoff was kept busy with his bevy of beauties. They later joined him on stage where the actor/singer performed a song.

Loeries Hoff Salute

Throughout the event he made light of his career in television as well as some of the scandals he has supposedly been involved in off screen.

Hassle Hoff

”Don’t hassel The Hoff,” reads the T-shirt. “I feel ‘Hoffle’ that I can’t stay longer in Cape Town,” was just one of many bad jokes.

Hoff Loeries Mayor Press

De Lille thoroughly enjoyed the event and said straight afterwards: “We want to keep the Loeries in Cape Town.” And keep The Hoff here too, perhaps?

Read more about “The Hoff’s” Loeries and Cape Town experience and check out our dedicated Loeries page for all the highlights of the past weekend.

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