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June 09, 2010

Dance your way to a world record

South African fans do the diski dance

South African fans do the Diski Dance. Photo courtesy AwesomeSA

You don’t need to know how to dance, you don’t have to know anything about soccer let alone how to play it, but you could lend a hand (or two feet) toward a world record by learning to do the Diski Dance next week.

On June 16 some fans will try and set a world record in Diski dancing (no world cup is available as yet) in an event organised as part of the Cape Town FIFA Fan Fest™. About 25 000 people are expected to join in the bid for the biggest ever Diski Dance, to be performed on the Grand Parade.

Don’t despair if you are a novice, or have no rhythm, or if you’re afraid of looking funny: you can copy the professional dancers performing it on the stage and projected onto the big screen, plus there’ll be 200 proficient Diski dancers mingling with the masses to get the footwork in place. With so many people dancing at one time, you can always melt into the crowd.

There have been spontaneous outbreaks of Diski dancing at various places in South Africa, so it isn’t that hard to learn. Be prepared (there are many videos to emulate) for the five essential moves: the “Teka” (juggling the ball from left to right), the “Header” (bouncing the ball on the head), “Table Mountain” (flattening the back to keep the ball behind the head), “Trepa” (flicking the ball from behind the neck, over the head and onto the foot) and the “Brija” (passing the ball over the left foot with the right foot and back again).

After final rehearsals, the dancers, African drummers, various celebrities and local band Goldfish will perform on stage, joining the crowd in the record attempt at 19h00 on June 16. The action will then move to the match between Bafana Bafana and Uruguay, to be broadcast on the 74m² screen.

Think of the Diski Dance as modern dance or as a celebratory merger of South African rhythm and World Cup mania, but however you view it, you should do it. Go on – have a ball, laugh yourself silly, celebrate the soccer, break a record, and get a bit of exercise too.

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