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February 24, 2013

Creatures on the mountain top – A photo essay

Whether they are scurrying, soaring, sunning, splashing or slithering, the creatures on Table Mountain make for an interesting bunch of creepies and crawlies.

The orange-breasted sunbird in all its multi-coloured splendour. Photo courtesy of lisastornes

The diverse wildlife atop Table Mountain range from the colourful to the dangerous, with some friendly, fuzzy faces in between.

Clicking stream frog. Photo courtesy of Celanth

A klipspringer, a rare sight on the mountain. Photo courtesy of Dick Fickling

Red-winged starling patiently perched. Photo courtesy of Dave Govoni (Va bene!)

Between a dassie and a hard place. Photo courtesy of Vilseskogen

These two lizards jostle for space on a warm rock. Photo courtesy of Basl

Puff adder. Photo courtesy of Bring on the Photog

Butterfly beauty. Photo courtesy of South African Nature

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