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April 03, 2014

Creation Generation Mural in Woodstock kickstarts World Design Capital project

#WDC566 Creation Generation Mural in Woodstock, Cape Town

This past weekend mural artists Rayaan Cassiem, Anwar Davids, Leigh Cupido and Amedeo Bisogno, created an inspiring and  thought provoking mural in Woodstock, the heart of Cape Town’s art scene, reflecting the story and spirit of the Creation Generation in a World Design Capital project #WDC566.

Compliance, Creativity and Change

Ripple Effect Media Production, graduates from Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking, and photographer Wandiswa Mesatywa from the Ruth Prowse School of Art, helped to document and frame this incredible achievement that took place over two days. The mural represents the devastation each generation leaves on the next, and how the youth will have serious challenges to face; issues such as economic turmoil, poverty, global warming and unemployment.

According to the Creation Generation project, the image of the first character calls awareness to the state of challenge – the issues and opportunities. The second character represents a self-empowered, resilient and creative generation emerging to bring new constructive thinking and solutions to the world. The third element represents the youth removing the mask of compliance and complacency and choosing to bring their authenticity and genius to respond to and deal with the challenges and the opportunity in the world today.

A documentary for change

Through a documentary and a series of short films made by young South African film makers, The Creation Generation Media project aims to showcase young creators and innovators who are changing the way we think, create and live in the world. The project also aims to explore how we can grow South Africa's Creation Generation and their impact in the world. We will showcase the genius and the contribution of our young adults from grass roots solutions to sophisticated high tech innovation - from the Siphiwe Ngwenya’s who turn township homes into art galleries and townships into art precincts to the Elon Musk’s who work to put humanity on Mars in 2025.

Whilst the series of short films will be made by young South African film makers and tell the story of a Creation Generation that engages the youth, the overarching idea of the documentary is to look more closely at what creates a vibrant creation generation in a world that knows no way out of the current situation of unemployment, global warming and issues facing future generations.

Sponsor Janet Gourand has enabled the kick-start of the Creation generation and Harlequinn Paints supplied paint to the project free of charge.

Get involved in #WDC566

To find out how you can support or fund the Creation Generation Project, call Shereen on 083 357 4069 or email Shereen@sugarbirdstudios.co.za.

For more on the project go to The Creation Generation website

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