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August 01, 2013

Connected to Cape Town

Image courtesy of mozcapetown.co.za

You’re holidaying in Cape Town and like the majority of visitors to the Mother City, you feel the overwhelming urge to brag, via photos and stories, about the amazing time you’re having, and you have to do it now. Well, there’s no better place from which to make them green with envy than the lush, picturesque Company’s Garden, situated in the heart of Cape Town’s City Centre.

The City of Cape Town, Iziko Museums and service provider Connected Space have joined forces to make the city as connected as possible by introducing free Wi-Fi to those taking in the natural beauty of  the Garden. Now, armed with laptop or tablet, you can sit yourself down under an ancient tree and fill in your friends and family about your adventures in the Cape.

There are well-marked signs to direct you to the Wi-Fi zones (which include the restaurant and the area outside the aviary) so you don’t have to wander aimlessly, laptop in the air, trying to find a signal. 

How to connect:

Once within the parameters you are redirected to a URL where you can log in and receive your allocated 100MB of data. If you experience any problems connecting, simply call the support line on 072 979 5056 and they’ll help you out. The Garden is just one of many free Wi-Fi initiatives being carried out by the City of Cape Town in an effort to keep Mother City visitors and residents connected.

One thing Capetonians do better than most (other than water-sports, partying and being beautiful), is coffee. Pair that with free Internet access and sea views and you may just decide to extend your stay… indefinitely. From the West Coast to the Atlantic Seaboard, you are bound to find a cosy or sunny spot to sit down and enjoy an espresso whilst catching up on your emails and social networks. Looking for more free wifi options in Cape Town, the connective city? Why not try our Coffee Shops with WiFi.

Oh, and don’t forget to pack the peanuts, the resident Company’s Garden squirrels come free too!

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