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August 10, 2010

Comedy at Zula Bar in Cape Town on Mondays

zula bar comedy

David Newton at Zula Bar. Photo courtesy Jim Sher

Monday evenings around the world are often associated with a lack of entertainment options, but Comedy On Monday Evenings (COME) at Zula Bar in Cape Town’s Long Street ensures that the city’s locals and visitors have plenty to smile about at the start of the week.

I attended this week’s event and had many hearty laughs between 21h00 and 23h00, thanks to the endless quips thrown out by the five stand-up comedians who all had the courage to say things that most people would normally think, but keep to themselves.

The host, David Newton, was the funniest of the lot, poking fun at audience members in an interactive manner, allowing everyone to get to know each other in the process. Imagine a grown-up version of “the Shermanator” from American Pie, with a South African accent, who has an instant come-back to any attempted belittling. Newton’s cameos alone were worth the R40 entrance fee and the guest comedians were more than just an added bonus. They were: Charlie Vergos (from the United States), Milo Hot Chocolate, Mum-Z and Paul Snodgrass.

The international audience of around 80 included visitors from Australia, the United States, Germany, Denmark and even Greenland, all of whom learned much about South Africa through the narrations of the comedians, themselves seasoned travellers.

Zula Bar is where up-and-coming comedians gain exposure and experience, benefitting from sharing the stage with established comedians such as Newton.

You can also watch live music most nights at Zula Bar, which is only closed on Sundays. On Saturday, August 28, the venue will host the Rudimentals, an event that is perhaps the pick of the month.

See the entertainment schedule on the Zula Bar website for more information.

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