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June 08, 2012

CNN world’s 10 most loved cities: Cape Town is there

Cape Town, one of the World's 10 Most Loved Cities according to CNNGo. Photo courtesy yeejeh

CNNGo, the travel wing of CNN International, has listed Cape Town as one of the World's 10 Most Loved Cities, adding to the Mother City's long list of accolades.

The CNNGo website explains how the top 10 cities were decided: "We've trawled the Internet for media 'best of' praise, solicited recommendations from local correspondents, bloggers and travellers, scraped the bottom of every Internet and press barrel we could find for reasons not to include these conurbations, and still came up with what we think is a definitive list of the world's most loved cities."

During 2011, Cape Town was named TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Best Destination, as well as the 2014 World Design Capital, while Table Mountain was listed as a New7Wonder of Nature.

More than a quarter of a million people "like" the I ♥ Cape Town Facebook page and Cape Town gets thousands of rave reviews on travel advice websites, such as TripAdvisor.

Rich culinary experiences are one of the reasons so many people love Cape Town. Photo © Cape Town Tourism

The World's 10 Most Loved Cities according to CNNGo are:


Cape Town


New York City



San Francisco




Below is a promotional video that CNNGo created for a series about Cape Town last year. The footage captures the energy and diversity of the Mother City brilliantly.

The song playing in the background is Dinosaur by Cape Town group Jax Panik. If you like it, watch the music video on YouTube.

If you have not yet visited Cape Town, visit our Facebook page and post any questions you have. See our section on getting to Cape Town for information about flights.

You can also contact Cape Town Tourism by phoning +27 (0)86 132 2223 or sending an email to info@capetown.travel.

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