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July 28, 2011

Clouds and rainbows – A Cape Town Tourism Photo Essay

My pictures were taken while hiking to Tartarus Cave above Boyes Drive. It was a spectacular walk because of the clouds and a rainbow. As we arrived at different lookout points on the mountain, the views over False Bay and Simon’s Town changed.

False bay

Clouds over False Bay

We started the hike at 110 Boyes Drive at the Ou Kraal signpost and walked up Bailey’s Kloof. It was during this part of the hike that I got treated to stunning views over Muizenberg and False Bay – the clouds were awesome.


View over Muizenberg beach

When we got to the top and walked in the direction of the amphitheatre, a rainbow suddenly became visible. We explored the cave for a bit and when we came out, the rainbow was still there.

Simon's Town

Rainbow over Simon’s Town

As we walked on and our angles changed, we eventually saw the whole rainbow. We then walked down through Spes Bona and back onto Boyes Drive.


The whole rainbow

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Images ©  j_hallward


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