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October 20, 2009

Climate crisis: Capetonians set to take action!

On October 24, people around the world will be taking a stand for a safe climate future. To mark International Day of Climate Action – and to raise awareness of global warming ahead of the United Nations climate negotiations in Copenhagen in December – 350.org, together with the World Wide Fund for Nature and hundreds of other partner organisations around the world, is calling on people to stand up for their environment.

In support of the initiative, people around the world will be organising an action on October 24 that incorporates the number 350 (350 parts per million is what scientists and climate experts say is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere) and then upload a photo of the event to the 350.org website. The environmental advocacy group will assemble the photos for a gigantic, global visual petition ahead of the climate negotiations.

Join Cape Town Tourism and support the initiative at one of the following activities in Cape Town on the day:

Table Mountain Human 350 (08h00-13h00)

Join a hike up Table Mountain via Platteklip Gorge. We will be forming a human 350 on the top of the mountain, which will be filmed from a helicopter to send out a powerful message to the world. Meet at the lower cable station on Table Mountain Road at 08h00.  Wear a red, orange or yellow outfit to symbolise global warming.

Muizenberg Melting 350 (09h00-16h00)

Join us on Muizenberg Beach and gather around the number 350 set up in giant ice blocks. Use plastic-lined cardboard boxes and 5l ice cream tubs to make ice blocks. Bring your ice blocks and be part of the photo – or take your own pictures from the beach or up on Boyes Drive.

Noordhoek Beach Human 350 (12h00pm)

Join the group of people gathering on Noordhoek Beach to form a giant 350 out of people. Photographs will be taken from Chapman’ Peak to be used in the photo-lobby in Copenhagen.

Muizenberg Eco-Friendly Bang (10h00-16h00)

Palmer Road in Muizenberg Village will celebrate Global Climate Action Day with an (eco-friendly) bang. All are invited to enjoy a day of participation, creativity and eco-interaction with a market, music, food, film screenings and a number of activities, ranging from table tennis to a toyi-toyi group.

In addition to taking part in the events around the city, you can also support the environment online: add your name to 360.org’s online petition at www.360.org or cast your Vote for Earth on www.wwf.org.za and be a part of a global call for a fair and effective climate deal in Copenhagen.

For more information on the 350 events and other actions happening in your area, visit www.350.org or contact 350.org’s Africa liaison, Samantha Bailey, on Samantha@350.org.

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