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August 29, 2012

Clifton Shores in Cape Town

Don't miss Clifton Shores, the hit new reality TV series based in Cape Town. Photo courtesy teeveetee.blogspot.com

Jaw-droppingly beautiful, always camera-ready and charismatic… if ever a city was born to be the star of a reality television series, it would be Cape Town.

Sharing the small screen with four American women who have left the comfort of the United States to work, live and play in our hometown, the Mother City makes her turn on television as the location for the hit new series, Clifton Shores.

Endless sunshine, sexy suitors, white, sandy beaches and non-stop partying at some of Cape Town’s biggest events, including the 2012 J&B Met, are just some of the highlights along with plenty of drama for Clifton Shores’ leading ladies Destiny, Katy, Kathy and Jamillette in the 13-episode unscripted show.

Directed by Hisham Abed of The Hills and Laguna Beach fame and produced by local coalmining magnate Quinton van der Burgh, Clifton Shores is so named for the fabulous mansion on Clifton Beach that the girls live in during their stay. The gorgeous foursome has to prove that they have what it takes to survive in the world of networking and party hosting.

The Mother City is, of course, no stranger to filmmaking. From Safe House to Dark Tide and Invictus to Mad Max 4, cinematographers have been fans of her vistas for many years.

Clifton Shores airs every Tuesday on South African satellite station DStv’s Vuzu channel at 21h00 .Check out the promo video of Clifton Shores below:

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