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March 02, 2009

Cape Town: city as theatre


Hermann Mahoua, an asylum seeker originally from Brazzaville in the Republic of the Congo, on a ‘Fleet of Art’ bakkie. The creator of the work is Michael Lister.

Last week was a thought-provoking time in Cape Town. I was personally involved in the Infecting the City festival and it was an amazing journey filled with huge opportunities and emotional ties. I had the chance to meet some incredible people who have come to live here from all over the world, coming together to alter our streets, bringing us a city-sized theatre for a whole week, from February 21 to 27. On Thursday and Friday I took the time to embrace this festival, opening my mind to art and culture in various forms.

With quirky and emotionally stimulating performances, there was something for everyone. It was amazing to watch traffic come to a stop. Taxi drivers slowed down to watch and passers-by were stunned by dancers completely immersed in the waters of the Adderley Street fountains.

Kids had the opportunity to join in and experience the streets of Cape Town coming alive to the sounds and acts of various artists. Many of the children were from disadvantaged schools, and were there through the Take a Child to Art project.

Infecting the City was definitely infectious and I am still fighting off the withdrawal symptoms.

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