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September 02, 2011

Celebrating National Braai Day in the Mother City

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Photo by Deon Gurling

On Saturday September 24, Capetonians have the opportunity to enjoy a dual celebration: Heritage Day and National Braai Day. And what better way to honour our country’s remarkable heritage than cooking with friends around a fire.

Some of the Mother City’s leading culinary men share their thoughts on this delicious holiday:

Jan Braai, founder of National Braai Day:

What does National Braai Day (National Heritage Day) mean to you?
National Braai Day is South Africa’s national day of celebration. Our version of St Patrick’s Day.

What are you planning to throw on the coals this year and what will you serve with it?
The Big Five of braaing: lamb, steak, chicken, pork and boerewors. On the side, I will have putu pap and braaibroodjies.

Reuben Riffel, chef and owner of Reuben’s Restaurant and Bar:

What does the day mean to you?
It simply means we should know the history of our country and its people. We should remember those that made sacrifices for us, not only famous people but our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

What are you planning to throw on the coals this year and what will you serve with it?
I am judging a braai competition, so hopefully I’ll be eating good braaivleis and enjoying good company.

Mzoli Ngcawuzele, owner of Mzoli’s Place:

What does the day mean to you?
To me National Heritage Day means a day of bringing all people of all walks of life together, and we have succeeded in integrating them through a piece of braai meat. I believe that’s a true rainbow nation we have created on National Heritage Day.

What are you planning to throw on the coals this year and what will you serve with it?
It’s the usual. Lamb, pork, chicken and sausage with our special chakalaka, and served with pap and steam bread. And we all know that Mzoli’s is the best venue for a braai provincially, nationally and abroad.

A lamb a day keeps the hunger pangs away…

This September, the sponsors of National Braai Day are giving away a lamb a day to lucky proud South Africans. From now until September 24, all you have to do is like the National Braai Day Facebook page and leave a comment in response to its daily status update.

So whether you’re writing about your favourite braai salad or your most creative use for wine at a braai, just add your thoughts and you could walk away with a tantalising prize.

For more information about this smaaklike (tasty) competition and National Braai Day, please visit www.braai.com, or for the best butcheries in town visit www.capetownmagazine.com.

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