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September 23, 2009

Cast your vote for Table Mountain on Heritage Day!


In the spirit of Heritage Day, South Africans are urged to show their support for Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain by casting their vote for South Africa’s own World Heritage Site on Thursday, September 24.

Table Mountain is one of 28 sites from around the globe competing for a spot in the New7Wonders of Nature contest and depends solely on votes from the public to make it through to the final list.

The Cape Floristic Region, which Table Mountain is part of, was declared a World Heritage Site in June 2004. The region is the smallest and richest of the six floral kingdoms on earth, boasting an amazing 8 200 rare and endangered plant species, some of which occur nowhere else in the world.

“Heritage Day is an ideal opportunity for all South Africans to show their support for Table Mountain,” says Sabine Lehmann, CEO of Table Mountain Cableway which, together with Table Mountain National Park and Cape Town Tourism, has formed an official supporting committee to champion the mountain’s cause.

“We are calling on all South Africans to vote for Table Mountain. Our competitors include the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Grand Canyon in the US, the Amazon in South America and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, so we have a lot of work to do to ensure we make it onto the final shortlist of seven.”

The campaign is run by the New7Wonders Foundation, which is based in Zurich, Switzerland and works to document conservation efforts and monuments worldwide.

Candidates in the Official New7Wonders of Nature campaign are clearly defined natural sites that have neither been created by nor significantly altered by humans for aesthetic reasons.

From an initial list of 261 magnificent natural sites announced in January 2009, Table Mountain was voted onto a list of 77 sites prior to being selected for the final shortlist of 28. The official New7Wonders of Nature will be determined by votes from the public.

The New7Wonders of Nature campaign aims to raise awareness of the incredible variety and beauty of nature around us. The foundation’s slogan says, “If we want to save anything, we first need to truly appreciate it.”

The awareness and tourism income generated through the New7Wonders campaign means that these natural treasures can be better preserved for future generations.

To cast your vote for Table Mountain, visit www.votefortablemountain.com.

For information, contact the Table Mountain Cableway on +27 21 424 0015 or visit www.votefortablemountain.com.

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