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January 09, 2013

Capturing Cape Point: A photo essay

For years the beauty of Cape Point, Africa's most south-westerly tip, has captured travellers, nature lovers and adventurers.

Cape Point is part of the Cape Floral Region World Heritage Site and is also a part of the Table Mountain National Park. It's home to lots of animals such as rock dassies, lizards, penguins, birds and mischievous Chacma baboons, and is one of the best places to experience fynbos, which forms a plant kingdom all on its own.

Cape Point is the epitome of natural beauty and has awe-inspiring views from all sides. It boasts beautiful beaches, rolling green hills and rocky valleys offering spots for picnicking, hiking and mountain biking.

Pathway to the point. Photo: andre.vanrooyen

Steps up to the historic lighthouse at Cape Point. Photo: Ingrid Sinclair

Beautiful white, sandy beaches surround Cape Point. Photo: gaftels

Cape Point is home to many small mammals such as rock dassies. Photo: Scott MacLeod Liddle

Colourful fynbos attracts plenty of birds and insects. Photo: Catherine Murray

The Cape Point lighthouse. Photo: *Kicki*

Take a moment to enjoy the amazing views. Photo: andre.vanrooyen

Chacma baboons are a common sight at Cape Point. Photo: jomilo75

Cape Point from the air. Photo: Bertrand Duperin


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