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July 12, 2012

Cape’s Adderley Street flower sellers – blooming beautiful!

When Capetonians want to brighten up their days with a big bunch of flowers, they turn to the most colourful spot in the city – the Adderley Street flower sellers.

Sporting a variety of blossoms and personalities, it is the one place buying flowers is not a simple financial transaction; it is an experience – one that is an integral part Cape Town.

Located in the market place between Strand and Darling Streets, a short distance from Greenmarket Square, the Adderley Street flower sellers have operated in this area for around 100 years and are known for providing some of the best-quality blooms at a good price.

But it’s not only the blooms that attract the inner-city dwellers like bees to the market, it’s the friendliness and the sharp humour of the sellers themselves that have locals and visitors come back for more.

We recently posted a photograph of one of the flower sellers on our I ♥ Cape Town Facebook page, and with more than 2 500 likes, 170 comments and 325 shares related to the image, it is obvious that these flower sellers have cemented their place in Cape Town’s heart.

Below are a few samples of comments posted on our I ♥ Cape Town Facebook page:

Brandon Lee Bosch: "Auntie Diela is my favourite on Adderley [Street]… She is truly one in a million!"

Anita Du Plessis: "What a face, smell and sound, deeply rooted in my heart, always causing me to smile…♥ Cape Town ♥ Adderley Street!!"

Jenny Ludwig: "Cape Town [is] the place to be and the best in the west! I’m crazy about all the beautiful people, faces [and] places of this beautiful city called Cape Town – including the ever-smiling flower sellers! What would CT be without them!"

Vanessa Louw: "Fresh flowers and always a great sense of humour… How I miss my hometown…Cape Town you rock!"

Beth Meyer: "The flower sellers have been cheering Capetonians up for many years… thanks for your smiles and daily words of wisdom ladies!"

Shareefah Charne Ismail: "I’m from Cape Town and those ladies are a trademark of [the city]."

Robyn Ing Lambrick: "How gorgeous is she? I love those ladies; they’re always in such a good mood!"

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