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March 05, 2010

Cape Town’s flora – A Cape Town Photo Essay

Flower Geometry

This beautiful picture was taken in an open field in Darling, less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town.

Purple slippers

These interesting purple flowers, which look a bit like purple slippers, were spotted in Clanwilliam’s Ramskop Wild Flower Reserve.

Beetle Daisy

This is one of my favourite flowers in the Skilpad Wild Flower Reserve. It’s called a Kamiesberg beetle daisy and is endemic to the region.

Arum Lillies

Arum lilies, also known as varkore (pigs’ ears), next to the road near the town of Darling. These flowers grow wild in the Cape and are native to Southern Africa.

Spider Lily

This photograph of a spinnekopblom (spider lily) was taken in the West Coast National Park.

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Images © Grieks 2010

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