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February 24, 2009

Cape Town welcomes the Loeries home to the Mother City


The Mother City is a creative mecca… photo courtesy Neil Alderney

Why should the Loeries come to the Mother City? Why do birds fly? In my opinion, Cape Town and the Loeries are the perfect match…

Already in the enviable position of being both a fantastic city to visit, and a great city to live in, Cape Town is gearing up to stake our claim as Africa’s cultural and creative capital.

Cape Town’s reputation of being a free-spirited, cosmopolitan, creolised port city precedes it, making every single person’s experience of our colourful city a unique one. Cape Town is iconic – a city of breathtaking natural beauty, creative freedom, of expression, a melting pot of cultures with a modern history reflected in the characters, tastes, sounds and stories of Cape Town.

But Cape Town is also a city of contrasts and tells a tale of two cities: one that boasts a thriving creative economy, a premier tourist destination status and incredible natural beauty, juxtaposed with social problems and poverty that are directly related to our colourful past and troubled history. Walking the streets of Cape Town and meeting the people of Cape Town, you will meet and fall in love with a city of hope, creative freedom and incredible spirit.


The Loeries are landing in Cape Town in 2009

Already in 2002, Newsweek called Cape Town one of the world’s new creative meccas.

“The new centres of culture and vitality are far from New York, Paris and London. Driven out by the high rent of world cities like Paris and New York, and aided by technology and a greater ease of travel, more artists and thinkers are congregating in smaller, far-flung communities around the world. These funky towns can be found in the most unlikely places… People come to live life to the fullest, to be a ‘player’, to be where the action is, to walk the streets and feel what it is like to be on the edge of what’s possible…”

So, when the opportunity to bid for South Africa’s “creative Oscars” came about, it was an opportunity we grabbed with both hands. Cape Town Tourism is committed to promoting and supporting our well-established creative industry along with a world-class tourism infrastructure and a lifestyle offering that sets Cape Town apart from so many run-of-the-mill cities.

The opportunities linked to hosting the Loeries are endless. Not only will the event attract more than 3000 visitors to our city, but it will create a platform for Capetonians to celebrate their city with the creative industry at large. By hosting the Loerie Awards in Cape Town we can pay tribute to the innovation and creativity that has found its heart within the Mother City.

We are positioning the Loeries as a key event in the run-up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, using it as a “dress rehearsal” and an official Host City pre-and-post 2010 FIFA World Cup event. The Final Draw will take place in the city in December 2009, and we aim to ignite interest and stimulate excitement for this event. The eyes of the world will literally be upon Cape Town before and during the Final Draw, with thousands of international media and broadcasters descending upon Cape Town for this spectacle, the size of which our city has not yet seen.

In 2010, the Loeries will follow the largest sporting event ever hosted on the African Continent. Visitors to the Loeries can enjoy the legacy of this event from the great public open spaces and venues created to improved infrastructure and public transport.

Cape Town is ready to welcome the Loeries home and we are pulling out all the stops to make the Loeries 2009 the most spectacular and creative event ever hosted in the Mother City. We invite you to come and find your soul, lose your heart and linger for as long as you want. You will discover a city like no other.

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