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October 22, 2009

Cape Town Stadium pitch floodlights to be switched on tonight

Capetonians can expect a spectacular display tonight when all 360 floodlights for the Cape Town Stadium pitch will be switched on simultaneously.

Earlier this week about half of the lights were switched on for the first time, and many were aimed incorrectly in preliminary testing, which led to some complaints of excessive brightness and glare.

Apart from the pitch lights – known as the “ring of fire” – some of the lights on the outside plaza will also be switched on.

The aiming of the lights is still at an early stage. Fine tuning and exact aiming will be done through the use of a light meter on the pitch, but this is likely to happen only later when the seed grass has grown. Grass and sand have different reflective qualities.

People who want to watch tonight’s big switch-on – scheduled for between 19h00 and 19h30 – should bear in mind that the outer façade, which softens the glow, is not yet complete. With the fine tuning of the lights the brightness will be reduced and the stadium should give off a pink glow.

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