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January 27, 2010

Cape Town Stadium – High praise for inaugural Soccer Festival

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Brent Dyssell and his son enjoy the inaugural soccer match between Santos and Ajax Cape Town at Cape Town Stadium.

Cape Town Tourism has received a lot of positive feedback about Cape Town Stadium’s inaugural soccer match between Premier Soccer League clubs Santos and Ajax Cape Town last weekend.

Cape Town resident Brent Dyssell shared the highlights of his experience with Cape Town Tourism: “The stadium is awesome. The seating layout was efficient and the chairs were comfortable. The stadium’s cosine wave design, glass roof, green pitch and even the latrine facilities, are all world-class.

“The security was very good, but not overpowering, making sure people were moved in a controlled, swift manner. They were also very helpful and the crowd was friendly and warm.

“This trip to the Cape Town Stadium felt very much like the time when I was privileged to watch South Africa play Australia in the opening match of the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

“That experience, like this one, was a ‘proud to be South African’ moment!’”

Cape Town Tourism board member Pierre du Plessis also enjoyed the occasion. He said: “I work as a professional quantity surveyor and should not actually be surprised [by how vast the stadium is], but I am!

“The sheer dimensions of internal walkways, stairs, the external podium for circulating outside the building, are all more than adequate.”

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