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February 08, 2011

Cape Town MyCiTi cycle route now open

cape town cycle route

Cape Town is a great city for cycling. Photos by Bruce Sutherland

A public cycle path of approximately eight kilometres between Cape Town City Centre and Woodbridge Island in Milnerton is now open, letting commuters and visitors alike travel carbon free.

The route, which runs parallel to the R27, was launched last week, when 300 commuters (including various types of cyclists, skateboarders and pedestrians) completed the journey. Among them were top City of Cape Town officials, including Executive Mayor Alderman Dan Plato.

Those who took part generally remarked that the route was safe, scenic and a lot more fun than sitting in traffic.

Mark Pinder, a professional engineer, was among those who raved about the new route. According to the City of Cape Town website, he said, “I’m not sure whether anyone timed it, but you’ll probably find that most of the cyclists took less time to cycle to town even at a leisurely pace than the motorists sitting in the traffic.”

Cyclists using this path are encouraged to keep left and pass right. Directional arrows may be added at a later stage.

Read more about the MyCiTi cycling route on the City of Cape Town website.

There are numerous companies that rent out bicycles in Cape Town, such as ByBike, and various guided bicycle tours are also on offer. The Bicycle Empowerment Network and Vamos Cycling Tour are two companies offering two-wheeled tours through the townships.

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