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May 24, 2009

Cape Town gearing up for 2010

In 2004 we shed tears of joy as FIFA announced that South Africa would be the host of the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Five years on, and less than 400 days to go, we’ve seen a lot of progress in our preparation for 2010.

We’ve seen some major developments in the run up to the games, but none so great as the now magnificent stadiums that are rapidly nearing completion. Each is memorable in its own way; Cape Town’s will be memorable from its curves, which look different from every single angle, and its spectacular position on the edge of the sea, with Table Mountain as a backdrop.


Cape Town’s new 2010 stadium under construction, photo courtesy Bruce Sutherland, City of Cape Town

Signal Hill, a popular spot for tourists in Cape Town, now boasts a new attraction – the best views of Cape Town’s beautiful new stadium. 

Greenpoint Stadium is fast nearing completion, a major achievement considering it was the last of the national stadium projects to start construction.

Advertising and promotional campaigns, by the likes of FIFA, ABSA, Coca Cola, FNB and Telkom, are already airing on national TV – tugging at the heartstrings and infecting us with soccer fever.
And what a fever it is! The Confederations Cup is just around the corner. The world is watching and the pressure is mounting, but with less than a month to go and almost 400 000 tickets sold, we’re showing the world what we’re made of.

Cape Town will be throwing the “mother” of all parties in 2010 … and the world is invited.

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