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March 08, 2010

Cape Town Gay Pride Parade 2010

gay pride parade cape town

Having some fun. Photo by Deon Gurling

Cape Town’s streets played host to the city’s annual Gay Pride parade this past Saturday, with around 6 000 people loudly and proudly proclaiming their support for gay rights. In the blistering heat, the procession of colourful floats, and colourful people, made its way along the route – from Prestwich in Green Point to Adderley in the heart of town. 

As the rainbow flag flew proudly and music played loudly, the mermaids, sailors, kings and queens marched, sang and danced along the route. The Pride Parade, while a rollicking party, also sends a very strong message; discrimination has no place in the beautiful Mother City.

Most of the extravagantly decorated and brightly coloured floats carried placards and flags denouncing discrimination, and as they meandered through Cape Town’s bustling streets, the crowds lining the route showed their support with whistles and cheers of approval. Cape Town Tourism, too, offered support, with our “Queen” riding atop a black Mercedes SLK, staff members in tow, showing our pride in our beautiful City and its diverse inhabitants.

The parade culminated in an after-party at Prestwich Primary in Green Point, where parade followers quenched their thirsts, enjoyed a bite to eat, shopped a little and then partied the night away, to close yet another successful Cape Town Gay Pride parade.

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