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September 10, 2009

Cape Town companies Live it! Love it! LOUDER!


Local companies are showing their patriotic spirit in the run up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup and doing their part to ensure Capetonians Live it! Love it! LOUDER! One such company, Foundation Outsourced Hospitality Solutions, has launched a service drive leading up to 2010, offering a three-day “I am a service ambassador” course.

The initiative is well in line with Cape Town Tourism’s citizen activation campaign, which aims to stimulate civic pride and a welcoming spirit among Capetonians in the run up to, during and beyond the international football extravaganza. By endorsing the “I am a service ambassador” programme, Cape Town Tourism hopes to further activate citizens as effective brand ambassadors for Cape Town: Live It! Love It! LOUDER!

Four hundred hotel staff members from four- and five-star establishments in and around Cape Town will attend the course. Cape Town Tourism will provide the basic tourism and destination information for the course.

With Cape Town Tourism on board, it is hoped that the Mother City’s hotels will sign up for the training programme too, opening a bridge to reach even more locals and spread the word about 2010 – and to achieve service excellence by “living it, loving it and doing it even LOUDER” than ever before!


The training has been going extremely well so far, with vuvuzelas creating a fantastic atmosphere. Cape Town Tourism is already looking forward to awarding the top achievers their official Team Cape Town Fan Kits!

The “I am a service ambassador” course covers how the 2010 FIFA World Cup affects us as citizens of South Africa and what we can do to improve our awareness of the event, as well as the relevance of the training to it. Other subject areas include: self-development; guest relations; customer service and communication; beverages; wines; table service; and menus and menu terminology. There is also a practical component to the course, as well as a test.

The training course was launched on August 26. Each session accommodates a maximum of 30 staff members.

Should other establishments be interested in the course, they can contact Foundation Outsourced Hospitality Solutions training manager Shireen-Ann Khan on +27 21 421 0772, e-mail training@fbgct.co.za or visit www.foundationgroup.co.za.

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