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August 14, 2009

Cape Town beach moments – A Cape Town Tourism Flickr photo essay

Cape Town and its surrounds are renowned for their beautiful beaches.


Strolling in Big Bay at sunset on a perfect Sunday, I was surprised at how many people and surfers were still in the cold Atlantic Ocean for a swim or some surfing... Even in winter and after sunset!


Chasing a sunset on a winter’s day at Woodbridge Island, Milnerton, all that I found was this man and his best friend watching the last rays of sunlight disappear over the horizon.

I was too late for the sunset, but had a great moment watching the two of them.


Winter sunsets in Cape Town are spectacular, especially at the beach.


Take a slow drive to Langebaan on the West Coast, and spend a day at the lagoon – there are so many beautiful things to see and so many beautiful people to meet.

Another spectacular winter’s day in the Cape.


Although a thick mist covered the lagoon at Langebaan, holiday makers and fishermen were strolling up and down, waiting for the mist to clear.

I came across this young boy fishing in the early hours of the, like a seasoned fisherman.

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Images © Hantie Brink aka Out_In_Africa  2009

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