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January 30, 2009

Cape Point – A Cape Town Tourism Flickr photo essay

I spent six months last year living in Cape Town, during which I did all the usual touristy things – some over and over again.

On a very hot day in November, I went to Cape Point – the most southerly point within the Good Hope section of Table Mountain National Park.


This spectacular, narrow finger of land is covered in endemic fynbos (as in the above photo). The Cape Floral Kingdom is one of the richest areas for plants in the world – it is home to nearly 20% of Africa’s flora.


There are several picturesque bays and beaches along Cape Point (like the one in the above photo), although the extent of their beauty is difficult to capture with the simple “point-and-shoot” camera I was using.


The spectacular view out over the point and sea includes the most powerful lighthouse on the South African coast (just visible in the above picture). The lighthouse steers ships through a perilous passage around the point which over the centuries has been the cause of many shipwrecks. 


Chacma baboons are common here, especially at the point itself. Don’t be tempted to feed the baboons and stay well away from them. I watched the baboon in the above picture grab a Fanta from a girl’s hands. Apparently they have also learned how to open car doors – so make sure that you keep yours locked.

Cape Point is open daily and is a must-see.

Images © Sarah Gurney 2009


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