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February 17, 2009

Cape Minstrel Carnival – Flickr pic of the day


This picture a Cape Carnival minstrel was taken by our Cape Town. Live it. Love it. group member Thilo Wagner.

Thilo says, “This year we decided to spend our holiday in South Africa – not for the first and definitely not for the last time. There are so many places of interest to discover that a few weeks certainly won’t be enough time to explore.

“We spent New Year’s Eve in Cape Town at the Waterfront, but the highlight of the holiday was the parade of the Kaapse Klopse at the Cape Minstrel Carnival three days later. According to our travel guide book the big parade is always on January 2, but fortunately we had a nice tour guide in one of the hop-on hop-off buses who told us that because January 2 falls on a Friday this year (a day of rest for the Muslims) the big parades would be on January 3,” he continues.

“When we arrived we followed the sound of the music to one of Cape Town’s main streets, where we found a place in the shade to watch the parade. It’s almost impossible to describe the breeziness of the minstrels, who were dancing with painted faces in their colourful costumes, followed by marching brass bands and drummers trying to play louder than the other groups.

“It was a wonderful day with hundreds of excellent photo opportunities,” he concludes.

The Cape Minstrel Carnival or Kaapse Klopse is Cape Town’s longest-running street party – the festivities last for the entire month of January.

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Image © Thilo Wagner 2009

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