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February 13, 2009

Cape Malay cuisine


A Gatsby sandwich, photo courtesy Warren Rohner

So I’m a guy who lives in Cape Town. But it’s not that simple, I’m not just a guy, I’m a Gatsby-loving, Edward Street visiting, Long Street club hopping, Clifton tanning, sushi eating, samoosa devouring, red-blooded Cape Malay boykie.

I have heard that Cape Malay is the “in” cuisine right now. What? A koeksister on a Sunday morning is international cuisine? I’ve become a culinary rockstar, all of a sudden my mother’s breyani (curried fish/meat and rice) doesn’t look that bland because, hey, it’s now a recognised cuisine!

And would you believe that you can go on a Cape Malay cooking safari? What? So do they go and watch some wild daltjies (chilli bites) in cages?

It’s strange how all these foods that are the staple of so many Capetonians have become international attractions.

All this talk of food has got me thinking how good a Golden Dish Gatsby would be right now.

Aslam Levy is an eMarketing Coordinator at Cape Town Tourism, you can view his personal blog here.


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