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March 16, 2010

Cape Argus Pick n Pay Junior Tour

cape argus tricycle tour

Cycling stars of the future. Photo by Deon Gurling

Cycling enthusiasts, young and old, from all over Cape Town converged on Youngsfield Military Base on Saturday, March 13, for the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Junior Tour.

Not even a summer shower could dampen the spirits of the young riders as they made their way around the short course. First at the starting line were the eager five-to-six and two-to-four-year-olds in the tricycle race. The young cyclists enthusiastically pedalled their way to the finish line, their parents desperately trying to keep up. Next under the starter’s gun were the older children, riding the 5km and 10km courses.

Again, the fast young riders left their parents in the dust. The future Argus cyclists expended the rest of their energies on a soccer pitch proudly sponsored by Cape Town Tourism. With the main race the next day, the junior tour proved there’ll still be loads more talented entrants for the Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Tour, for generations to come.

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