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February 10, 2011

Cape Argus competition winners


The start of the 2010 Cape Argus. Photo by Deon Gurling

The winners of the Cape Town Tourism Cape Argus Cycle Tour competition have been chosen.

Contestants were asked to write about why they would like to ride for Team Cape Town in the 2011 Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour. Up for grabs was free entry to the event, as well as sponsored outfits to ride in.

Below are the winning entries:

Ross Pennell

I participate in this iconic cycle race because it is like a rollercoaster ride ... At the start, everyone is pumped with anticipation and excitement, and once you set off there are steep ups and fast downs. All along the way people are shouting and having fun. The atmosphere, support and vibe is great – there are stunning views and breathtaking scenery to enjoy (if you can!), and once the ride is over, you feel exhausted and elated –
but all you want to do is GO AGAIN!

Glyn Jeenes

Some 30 years ago, while I was still hiking a lot, I went to see a specialist about my knee problems. To cut a long story short, he advised me to get a bicycle and do the Argus. I had chips of bone behind my knee caps. It was either surgery or the bicycle! Nine years went by and after much deliberation and pain I went back to see him again in December 1990. After leaving the specialist, I went and bought a bike, did my first Pedal Power Association Funride – 15km in the Brackenfell area – and walked up every hill. Two days later I entered the Argus. 1991 was my first year, and I did it in 4 hours, 29 minutes. I phoned the doc to say that no operation was needed as I had started cycling and had no more pain. My times racing in the Argus have varied, with my best of 3 hours, 49 minutes in 1999! This year, 2011, marks my 21st consecutive Argus – surely this makes me a viable candidate for Team Cape Town?

Melissa Tome

At the beginning of 2007, I was training for the Argus and was so excited to participate. I had wanted to ride it my whole life and everyone had always laughed and said I would never be able to make it. Eventually I got the guts to sign myself up. But then my training came to an abrupt end when I experienced a traumatic head injury which resulted in brain surgery. I had to pull out of the tour. After that I moved up to England. I recently returned to Cape town and was so upset that I missed the selling of the tickets – I’d been training for the race in England for the past 6 months! I would be so grateful if I were considered for a ticket, so I can finally fulfil my dream of riding in the Argus.

Tune in to hear more from Ross, Glyn and Melissa as they blog about their preparations and their experience on the day. The Cape Argus is happening on Sunday, March 13, 2011: Visit our dedicated page for more race details.

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