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February 10, 2014

Cape Town’s Top 4 Most Glorious Places to Stay with a View

CUBE Guest House, pic courtesy of nicholaio ki yay

The world’s largest travel site with over 100 million candid reviews, TripAdvisor recently published its trophy list for 2014, with Cape Town (unsurprisingly) taking top prizes in a number of categories. We reckon the beauty of Cape Town naturally gave them an unfair advantage, excuse the pun. Here are the Top 4 most glorious places to stay with a view:

1.  Akademie Street Boutique Hotel and Guesthouse, Franschhoek
A tranquil atmosphere of luxury and artistry pervades the world’s finest small hotel, winner of the number 1 spot on TripAdvisor’s 2014 Traveler’s Choice awards. Based on millions of user reviews, Akademie Street’s serenity and extraordinary history made it the most enjoyed small hotel on the globe. An ideal hiding place for souls uninspired by modern 5 star hotels, the romance of the view of Franschhoek’s extraordinary mountains and private pools showed the world how it’s done.
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3.  2Inn1 Kensington, Gardens
Taking TripAdvisor’s reviewers’ third place amongst small hotels, 2Inn1 Kensington entwines a designer bungalow with an authentic Victorian house. Try imagine that architecture for second - and if like me you can’t, check these pics out. Cuddling under the formidable slopes of Lion’s Head and Table Mountain and overlooking the woodland estate of the Premier of the Western Cape, reviewers loved 2Inn1Kesington for the “impeccable standard” of its hospitality. 
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3.  Boutique @ 10, Camp’s Bay
Clocking in at 12th in the world’s best B&Bs and Inns, Boutique @ 10 delivers dreamily on Camp’s Bay’s promise of a preposterously attractive life-style. Combining Swiss chalets with luxury beach villas is what fantasies are made out of and Boutique @ 10’s breathtaking view of Camp’s Bay’s gorgeous ocean sent reviewers into delirium. People called it “amazing” and “an oasis”. We just call it Cape Town.
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4.  CUBE Guest House, Hout Bay
Just below at number 13 in the world, CUBE Guest House leverages the peculiarly stunning Hout Bay to its advantage, as sleek modern lines sex the eye alongside white terraces and palm trees. 99% of reviewers gave CUBE the highest possible rating with one in particular swooning about the magic it lent his honeymoon. Cape Town can be seductive like that.
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These world-beaters aren’t the only places to experience the natural charisma of Cape Town. Check out our list of the quirkiest hotels in Cape Town, or how about exploring our selection of handpicked accommodation options. Enjoy our snapshots of Cape Town? You should follow us on twitter here.

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