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May 13, 2014

Cape Town Dining: You Won’t Believe These Places We Found

Some restaurants are more unusual than others! Ever eaten with puppets? 3m predators with protruding teeth? Girl nerds? Come with us as we explore some of Cape Town's most surprising dining experiences. Let's start when you... 

Girl Geek Dinners, photo courtesy of Annie Mole

1. Dine with Sharks

Have you ever had your lunch 3m away from a school of sharks, close enough to see their rows of teeth growing forward like a conveyor belt? Sit in front a 4x11m panel of ragged tooths, stingrays, shoals of beautiful predatory fish and a venerable loggerhead turtle when you visit the Shoreline Café at the Two Oceans Aquarium, grab your food and head to the exhibitions. Shoreline's informal, kiddie-friendly menu filled with sustainable fish and family favourites. The predator exhibit’s feeding time is at 3pm daily, so you might want to be done before that!

Tel: 021 418 8645
Address: Two Oceans Aquarium, Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
Opening Times: Breakfast: 9:00am - 11:30am, Lunch: 11:30am - 6:00pm
Website: www.aquarium.co.za/visitorInfo/shoreline.php

2. Dine in a Garage

More like a driveway than a restaurant, The Dog’s Bollocks has become a cult hit in Cape Town, probably because they make only 50 gigantic burgers every night and they’re unreasonably delicious and huge. Also, the atmosphere practically fizzes with unpretentious fun – the drinks are cheap, the vibes aren’t fussy and the laughter is relaxed (you’re sitting in a garage!). Try out the Pepperberry blue, Chilli Chocolate Molé, Old School Mega Slider, Prego Burger or Jalepéno Cheese and get messy in one of Cape Town’s hidden gems.

Tel: 083 440 7843
Address: 6 Roodehek Street (off Buitenkant Street), Cape Town
Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 5pm-10pm
Website: https://www.facebook.com/TheDogsBollocksAtYardCT

3. Dine with Girl Geeks

An international network of girl geeks (that is to say, girls with passion and in-depth knowledge) began in 2005 when Sarah Lamb got tired of being pegged as a Marketing major at every tech get-together. Since then, the Girl Geek Dinner has spread across 24 countries and operates within 53 cities, with a mailing list of over 45,000. The idea is to get  geeks to educate one another over dinner. Not to worry, it's not exclusively for females either!

To give you an idea, Girl Geek Dinner Cape Town’s May topic was, “The importance of mining data accurately for insights which positively impact business decisions.” The guestspeaker was JP Kloppers, the CEO of BrandsEye, which offers a tool for tracking online conversations. Feeling smarter yet? 

Email: ggdcpt@gmail.com
Address: Varies
Website: http://ggdcpt.wordpress.com

4. Dine with Puppets

Have you ever tucked into 14 courses of Pan-African and Cape Malay cuisine (Algerian beef kofta, Ethiopian iab, North African briouates, Tanzanian mchicha wa nazi) while Mali dancing puppets and Djembe drums weave sound and movement around you? GOLD Restaurant’s opulent offerings also feature Morocco, South Africa and Namibian delicacies during your mouth-watering safari around Africa’s famous dishes. Did we mention the spectacular art on the walls?

Tel: 021 421 4653
Address: 15 Bennett Street ,Green Point, Cape Town
Opening Hours: 6:30pm to 10:00pm
Website: www.goldrestaurant.co.za

5. Dine Mysteriously

A global supper club concept, SecretEats is an underground dining experience where you receive secrets invites to exclusive dining experiences (they even have passwords!). From gorgeous Llandudno Villas to stunning private homes and parties, sign up to SecretEats’ mailing list and book your culinary adventure based on intrigue alone (here’s an extract from a sample invite, “New York inspired menu sure to bring you the biggest, baddest, juiciest dinner you can handle”).

You’ll arrive to welcome cocktails and selected wines, with multi-course one-of-a-kind dinners crafted by established chefs or up-and-coming talents. You receive an SMS on the morning with the location and only discover your amazing dishes when you arrive! 

Email: eat@thesecreteats.com
Address: Varies
Website: http://thesecreteats.com

Feel like something a little more on this planet, but still pretty adventurous? Check out the best of Cape Town's local food. Or if you're into the strange and spectacular, why not explore the weirdest foods in Cape Town. Like our snapshots of the Mother City? You should follow us on twitter here.

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