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January 04, 2013

Cape Town water adventures

Cape Town’s Peninsula and inland waterways offer perfect locations for trying your hand at an array of water activities.

Cable water skiiing at Blue Rock Lake. Photo courtesy Fuad Peters

Our city is known as a leisure destination, and many of the activities are leisurely in nature – but there are also plenty of the adrenalin-rush variety. I have been known to try out some of the activities – and certainly think I need to tick off a few more – so here are a few good options to consider when visiting our beautiful city!

Inland, on the crystal clear waters of Blue Rock Lake, you can experience that adrenalin rush with some cable water skiing. This is where I experienced a great workout, and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of the warm water on my skin on a nice balmy summer’s day.

Shark cage diving will offer unforgettable memories! Photo courtesy Chris Fallows/www.apexpredators.com

As Cape Town is recognised as a surfing mecca, with many great spots, I have considered taking a surfing lesson – but often seem to be worried about sharks. But then, I have been told it’s not really a problem, as encounters with sharks are more likely to happen on shark cage diving trips. With a variety of surfing schools available one can easily learn to surf, and I’ve been told by some that they guarantee you standing on your board within a two-hour lesson. So, check with our teams at our Visitor Centres and put yourself to the test!

Kitesurfing is great to do – or watch. Photo courtesy Surfstore Africa

The winds in Cape Town can be quite a challenge when you are walking around, but it's perfect for kitesurfers to show off exactly what they can do. I have considered trying this activity, but do not think I am ready to take it on – but it is good to know that there are lessons available with good schools and instructors.

Another interesting water activity that gave me a good upper body workout and was quite fun to do, was sea kayaking with Sea Kayak Tours to the penguins at Boulders Beach.

At first I thought this was not going to be much fun, but it turned out to be one of my most enjoyable experiences. I especially loved the fact that there were penguins that raced with us and we ended up going out a bit too far, to the consternation of one of my colleagues; we turned around once we realised the penguins had led us out to sea, and happily paddled back to shore.

The canals in Cape Town often look like the kind of place you would not want to engage in any kind of activity, but here you'll find a creative water adventure: stand up paddleboarding (SUP), offering another core body workout yet allowing you to unwind and see sights from a different perspective.

Sunset surfing at Camps Bay. Photo courtesy Daniel Russell

The coast's diverse marine life can provide you with an unforgettable adventure, with scuba diving lessons and courses available through various operators.

The tranquility of the undersea world allows for quite a relaxed experience – but having not yet attempted this activity, I am reliably informed that discovering some of our beautiful marine creatures can be quite a bit of an adventure. This is definitely something I would like to do and discover for myself someday.

For more information about water – or any other – adventure activities, please contact Cape Town Tourism on 086 132 2223 or email capetown@capetown.travel.

More sunset surfing – this time at Llandudno. Photo courtesy Flowcomm

Kitesurfing is very popular in Cape Town. Photo courtesy Anatoly Kraynikov

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