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July 26, 2012

Cape Town Tourism invites Capetonians to share why they #LoveCapeTown

Social media is helping to drive travel discussions and inform travellers across the world.

Cape Town Tourism is hosting four renowned international travel bloggers in our city and we would like to invite Capetonians to imagine, share and crowd-source their suggestions or ideas as to why they #LoveCapeTown, during a twitter chat on Sunday, July 29, 2012, from 19h00 to 20h00 (SAST).

The twitter chat will inform the itineraries of the bloggers as they discover Cape Town during a week of diverse and unexpected experiences in and around the city.

We will be covering a series of questions around the themes: food and drink, nature and the outdoors, and culture and heritage in Cape Town.

How to participate:

Follow @CapeTownTourism, tweet your thoughts on Sunday, July 29 with the hashtag #LoveCapeTown.

Follow our bloggers @velvetescape, @traveldudes, @wildjunket and @landlopers to see how their journey unfolds from Sunday, July 29 to Saturday, August 4.

Follow @CapeTownTourism or the twitter hashtag #LoveCapeTown to stay part of the conversation throughout the week.

About the bloggers:

Keith Jenkins left a career in banking to become a full-time traveller. He shares his experiences with upward of 15 000 twitter followers @velvetescape and blogs about his journeys at velvetescape.com.

Melvin Böcher has more than 86 000 twitter followers @traveldudes and is the founder of traveldudes.org, a website that exchanges travel tips and insider information.

Nellie Huang is a culture and adventure traveller who takes more than 21 000 twitter followers @wildjunket along on her global wanderings. She also co-produces an online magazine wildjunket.com.

Adventure traveller Matt Long shares his adrenaline moments with more than 15 000 twitter followers @landlopers and has a blog of the same name Landlopers.com. He is a respected Lonely Planet blogger and is noted on several platforms as a top blogger.

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