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December 10, 2012

Breakfast bubbly at the Neighbourgoods Market

Steak done to perfection. Photo courtesy Jason Bagley

Oysters and bubbly for breakfast – or rather before breakfast. That’s what I always 
have at the Neighbourgoods Market, at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock.

There is something absolutely decadent when it comes to oysters and sparkling
 wine, and it is the perfect way to start a weekend.

The indoor market has become a must-do when visiting Cape Town. There are
 about 100 stalls offering a range of delicious artisanal foods and drink, and I am on a 
mission to eventually have bought something from each and every stall.

It is one of my favourite Saturday morning hang-out spots. I amble around, sampling 
freshly-baked bread, cheese, olives and pickles, while deciding which goodies to buy 
to take home.

Turkish bread is always high on my list, as is gourmet sausage and anything with
 chillis in it. Wedges of locally-made cheeses go into my shopping bag, along with 
deliciously salty olives.

Because it’s Saturday and I am at the market, I rationalise that I am entitled to have
 a proper meal, even after all the nibbles I had. 
I normally have to walk around the large room a couple of times, though, deciding
 what I’m going to have.

Extra-large pancakes with hazelnut chocolate spread? Authentic Italian pizza? 
Beautifully grilled and sliced rump steak with caramelised onions?
 Maybe some sushi? And it’s never too early for curry …

At this point I am in foodie heaven: the smell of garlic and spices hang invitingly in 
the air, but I’ve still not decided.

A craft beer is obligatory; it could help me make up my mind about what I am
 eventually going to eat.

Fellow shoppers are already happily sitting around long trestle tables, having made 
up their minds and are munching away.
 A final whirl around all the stalls and … I settle on the done-to-perfection steak.

And another successful Saturday morning is done and dusted. As I waltz out with my 
goodie-filled bags, I stop one last time – to buy a bunch of fresh flowers.

Oysters - the best weekend breakfast option. Photo courtesy Jason Bagley

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