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January 30, 2013

Cape Town sunsets

Cape Town is a big city with many places where you can enjoy the view of a dazzling sunset, whether it's down on the beach or from the top of one of the city's many mountains.

John Ruskin, who was a leading art critic of the Victorian era, once said: "At sunset, nature is painting for us ... day after day ... pictures of an infinite beauty."

Be inspired, therefore, by these dazzling sunsets and appreciate some of Mother Nature's finest artworks.

A brilliant sunset mirrored in the surface of the calm ocean water. Photo courtesy of jsogo

The sunset is spectacular from the summit of Lion's Head. Photo courtesy of Jacques van Niekerk

The sun sets as late as 8.30pm in summer in Cape Town. Photo courtesy of Dietmar Temps

A beautiful sunset like this, at Llandudno, is definitely worth jumping for joy. Photo courtesy of flowcomm

Yet another day coming to an end. Photo courtesy of mallix

Cape Town's mountains are the perfect spots from which to marvel at the sunset. Photo courtesy of Andy Jou

Devil's Peak, Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles bathed in the warm rays of the setting sun. Photo courtesy of Thiago Pompeu

Sunset at the southern tip of Africa. Photo courtesy of Jacky W

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