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July 22, 2014

Burgers, Body Shots and Boogie Nights at Beefcakes in Cape Town

For the ultimate Girls and Guys' Night out in pink Cape Town, pop by legendary burger and entertainment bar, Beefcakes in De Waterkant.Image courtesy of Beefcakes

“Up the bum, no babies!” 

That’s the toast the MC makes when he gets the hot-as-all-hell bartenders and waiters at the burgers and entertainment bar, Beefcakes, to down a shot of tequila and take off their tank tops. Cue the roaring applause and shouts of appreciative women and gay men going wild … just your average night at the hottest spot in Cape Town, really!

The Mother City is renowned for being one of the most cosmpolitan and tolerant cities in the world and was among the top 20 gay travel destinations for 2013, which makes it the perfect home for the fantastic Beefcakes. Flamboyant and loads of fun, this sexy eatery on De Waterkant’s Pink Strip is the perfect venue for a fab Girls and Guys’ Night out ,whatever your preference.

Move over Channing Tatum, there’s a new Magic Mike in town:

There are several reasons why Beefcakes is a hot spot in the Mother City, and it’s not just because they’re home to Channing Tatum’s wanna-be South Africa cast mates. Allow me to elaborate:

Take a bite out of this:

Their buns are HOT and pack quite the punch – no, seriously, these guys make THE best, gigantic burgers in Cape Town. Think succulent beef, chicken and pork patties, drenched in spicy sauces and nestled in the bosom of  the softest rolls you can imagine, all with very suggestive names and hilarious descriptions, like Beach Boy, Greek God, The Sugar Daddy and more.

Big and juicy ...Beefcakes serves THE best and gigantic burgers in town, just the way I like them. Image courtesy of Beefcakes.

My favourite? The Brokeback, as the menu so artfully puts it:  “Pitch a tent for this camp-style feast! Spicy chorizo sausage sliced and placed on top of melted mature cheddar cheese, and caramelised onion…” Divine, I tell you!

At your service:

Their service is impeccable... the boys really go that extra mile to see to it that your every physical need is fulfilled.

From keeping your meals coming hot and fast to ensuring that you‘ll never go thirsty with their fabulous cocktails or their R300 body shots (leisurely poured over your waiter’s sculpted torso for you to lick every single drop off of him – totally worth it!) and catering to all kinds of penchants without so much as batting an eyelash, this pink palace of pleasure and fun is one of the best customer-service establishments I’ve ever been to in Cape Town.

Easy on the eye and so darn friendly too (every single one of them, from owners Andrew and Grant Eglin down to the bus boys), it’s hard to not like the Beefcakes, and shame on you if you don’t!

Selfie Hotties:

Their waiters are very, VERY friendly and always, uh, up for a photo op with a patron so grab your nearest hottie with killer abs for that must-have sensual selfie.

"Ready to tuck into those hot buns but first, let me take a selfie with a hottie!" Fazielah Williams and Barbara Loots with Beefcake Dean. Image courtesy of Fazielah Williams

No business like show business:

Beefcakes is home to some of the Southern Hemisphere’s most talented drag queens –  former artists include the gorgeous  Champagne le Roux and Scary Mary – who  belt out everything from Broadway numbers to pop music hit-s from Mondays to Saturdays at themed-event evenings , including Meat and Greet Mondays, Bitchy Bingo Tuesdays  and Fags, Drags and Hags Fridays … and yes, there is a small dance floor to shake what your mama gave ya.

Once a month, the guys host a side-splitting comedy show featuring the likes of local headliners Nik Rabinowitz, Alan Committie, Stuart Taylor and more. Keep an eye on their website for the next show.

Talented drag queen Champagne le Roux entertains and delights at Bitchy Bingo. Image courtesy of Leonie Mollentze 

Good, mostly clean fun:

Beefcakes aims to make you feel as comfortable as possible and offers the best, good and clean night of fun to be had with your friends, family, colleagues and even your manly man significant other - I love it so much, I’ve even had a first date there!

Their tongue-in-cheek, camp vibe  adds to the bar’s charming throwback to the 1950s appeal and really should be on everyone’s CapeTown things to do bucket list.

Beefcakes is THE best spot in Cape Town for a fun Girls' Night out so grab your gal pals and get ready to PARTY! image courtesy of Fazielah Williams

See you there, Darling!

Put on your dancing shoes, shimmy into your sexiest outfit, grab your feather boa and come along with me to get up close and personal with the delectable Beefcakes boys.

Get all of the fab info at www.beefcakes.co.za.

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