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August 13, 2009

Blaauwberg fireworks – Flickr pic of the day


This magical photo of fireworks on Blaauwberg Beach was taken by our Cape Town. Live it. Love it. group member Hendrik Groenewald.

Hendrik says, “Although South Africans aren’t taught much about Guy Fawkes in schools, we love to send fireworks into the air every year on November 5 in celebration of his attempt at blowing up the Houses of Parliament.

“This shot was taken last year on November 5 at Blaauwberg Strand, which was demarcated by the Cape Town City Council as one of many areas where the public were allowed to enjoy their own fireworks on the beach. Many such sites are allocated every year for the event, and most are our famous Cape Town beaches.

“We love taking pictures of the festivities and the beautiful fireworks. You should come and join us this year,” he continues.

Do you have images of Cape Town you’d like to share with us? We’d love you to join the Cape Town. Live it. Love it. Flickr group!

Image © Hendrik Groenewald 2009

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