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September 07, 2012

Behind the Sushi Bar with Two Oceans Restaurant’s Chef Sarawut Sukkowplang

Chef Sarawut Sukkowplang creates marvellous edible creations in the Two Oceans Restaurant's fantastic new sushi bar. Image courtesy of Cape Point Partnership

Cape Point’s stylish Two Oceans Restaurant recently reopened after extensive renovations. In addition to eye-catching decor that is reflective of the ocean it’s named after, the 16-year-old restaurant now also boasts a decadent sushi bar, run by highly skilled chef Sarawut Sukkowplang.

Sea-fresh and absolutely delicious, chef Sukkowplang’s menu boasts California rolls, prawn tempura salmon roses and nigiri. As a fifth-generation sushi chef, the culinary artist has learned the tricks of the trade since childhood. This knowledge was furthered by his training at the Fuji Japanese restaurant in Johannesburg and the Far East restaurant in Durban.

In between whipping up marvellous edible creations and passing on his expert tips to budding culinary masters, chef Sukkowplang chatted to me about his passion for food and Cape Town:

Tell us about the new sushi bar at Two Oceans Restaurant.

The sushi bar is beautiful, opulent, professional and a joy to work in every day.

What are your specialities?

Japanese sushi and Thai dishes. 

Why do you think Cape Town is experiencing such a sushi renaissance?

Sushi is healthy, sexy and fresh, and the ways that it can be made and presented are exciting for all sushi lovers.

What sparked your passion for this type of cuisine?

Traditionally, we follow our family’s trade. I was lucky enough to be taken in and guided by my uncle, where I found my passion in making Japanese food. This is where I found the art of making sushi irresistible, and it became a form of beauty, art and a passion for me. 

How does Cape Town inspire you?

Cape Town inspires me by the versatility of people and the beautiful surroundings. Watching the delight on a guest’s face when they receive and eat the sushi we provide inspires me to do even better.

If Cape Town was a sushi dish, what would she be?

If Cape Town was a sushi dish,  she would be our Two Oceans Platter, a cosmopolitan mix of different cultures, showing off our stunning views in one natural art form.  

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