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July 20, 2011

Two Oceans Aquarium restaurant wins MSC certification: An African first

two oceans aquarium cape town MSC seafood

The stunning setting at the Two Oceans Aquarium’s Shoreline Café is now complemented by guaranteed sustainable seafood. Photo courtesy Two Oceans Aquarium

The Two Oceans Aquarium’s Shoreline Café, located at the V&A Waterfront, is pioneering the local food service industry by becoming an example of responsible tourism in Africa. At a function on July 19, 2011, Shoreline Café was awarded a Chain-of-Custody certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), making it the first restaurant on the continent to be bestowed this honour. This also means the eatery is the continent’s leading sustainable seafood restaurant.

The café only sells seafood that is listed as green by the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative. The MSC certification now entitles Shoreline Café to use the MSC logo for all MSC-certified products sold in the restaurant.

The purpose of responsible tourism is to create better places for people to live, and better places to visit. With the Shoreline Café being awarded certification, it speaks to the key values of economic growth, environmental integrity and social justice.

Two Oceans Aquarium communications and sustainability manager Helen Lockhart echoed this sentiment: “We are thrilled with and honoured by the recognition we have received from the MSC … As an aquarium we are very much aware of the state of fish stocks around the globe and therefore it is imperative that we lead by example and raise awareness among and educate our visitors”, she said.

The process to gain certification was comprehensive and detailed, including an independent audit by MacAlister Elliot and Partners, which, according to Juan de Allende – the café’s head chef – gives customers “the assurance that the seafood we serve is indeed from an MSC-certified fishery”.

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