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August 29, 2014

9 Exclusive Fashion Boutiques That Will Make You Fall in Love with Clothes All Over Again

Half the fun of coming to another city is leaving with more than you came with! 

Get your hot little hands on the summit of Cape Town's legendary fashion scene when you visit these 9 exclusivev boutiques: 

1. Kat von Duinen

Using subtle cuts to create a striking and refined elegance, Kat von Duinen's original craftsmanship and personalised service has seen her brand develop a passionate following of high-end female clientele. She was absolutely devastating form at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town earlier this year, with an infusion of African-Moroccan style. 

image courtesy of kat Von Duinen, photo by FanJam

Address: Shop 101A, The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, Cape Town
Tel: 021 447 6582
Email: info@katvanduinen.com
Website: www.katvanduinen.com

2. A-List

Known for its sensational ability to read ahead of next season, A-List Boutique is one of the retro fashion jewels of Cape Town's famous Long Street. You can dress up or down depending on your tastes, with a selection of dresses, bags, shoes and talented designers. Check out their blog for a quick taste of what to expect! 

image courtesy of Kurt Botha and A-List

image courtesy of Kurt Botha and A-List

Address: 110 Long Street
Tel: 021 422 4844
Website: www.a-list.biz

3. Me Me Me

Another one for the ladies, Me Me Me is a boutique and fashion emporium packed with quirky femininity with a hint of the nostalgic. Their selection of designers is also top notch. 

image courtesy of MeMeMe

Address: 117A Long Street (corner of Church Street)
Tel: 021 424 0001
Website: www.mememe.co.za

4. Ice Cherry

Ice Cherry is a trendsetting boutique store known for dressing the stars, stocking big names with bigger reputations like Chanel, D&G, Hermes and Herve Leger. 

image courtesy of IceCherry

Address: Shop 5, Buchanan Square, Pearce Street, Claremont
Tel: 021 829 6513 / 079 522 3648
Email: icecherrydesign@gmail.com
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Icecherry/434661199950234

5. Chelsea Village

An exclusive clothing boutique in Cape Town offers a stunning selection of local and international talent, from Holland to Paris to Italy and back to Cape Town. 

image courtesy of Chelsea Butik 

Address: Chelsea Butik, 23 Wolfe Street , Chelsea Village , Wynberg, Cape Town
Tel: 021 762 0547
Email: shop@chelseabutik.com
Website: www.chelseabutik.com

6. Traffic

Bold urban chic with an edge, Traffic offers men's and women's fashion with an eye on the trendy youth. It's high-end fashion with attitude!

image courtesy of Traffic 


image courtesy of Traffic

Address: 195-197 Long Street  
Tel: 021 426 0465
Website: www.facebook.com/trafficliveclothing

7. Mungo and Jemima

A forward-thinking boutique that gives a contemporary twist on classic themes, the outlandishly trendy Mungo and Jemima brings like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town talents of Selfi and Spilt Milk to the table amongst its impressive selection. We particularly loved these rugby socks on the catwalk from the former at this year's event! 

image courtesy of Mungo and Jemima

Address: 108 Long Street (corner of Church Street)
Tel: 021 424 5016
Email: info@mungoandjemima.com
Website: www.mungoandjemima.com

9. Wardrobe

Another vintage mecca, Wardrobe brings the glamour of the grander generations back into swag, with a strong selection of accessories, handbags and dresses from the best of Cape Town's local designers and vintage aristocracy. 

image courtesy of Wardrobe


image courtesy of Warddrobe

Address: 45 Kloof Street, Cape Town
Tel: 021 4222885
Website: www.facebook.com/WardrobeCapeTown

If you're a fashion fiend you'll love these exclusive pictures from all the glitz and glamour at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and our interview with the king of dressing hunky men, Ruald Rheeder. What do you think of our list of fashion boutiques? Have we covered all of your favourites? Send us your comments on Twitter!




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