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January 06, 2011

A hike up Devil’s Peak - A Cape Town Tourism photo essay

On Monday December 27, I went on a hike up Devil’s Peak led by Larry from the Meridian Hiking Club. There were only four of us on the hike and it was quite windy, for which we were grateful on one level as it kept us cool. We set off from Tafelberg Road at the base of the Saddle and walked up to the contour path and then along to the base of Oppelskop. We did a bit of scrambling and went up the ridge past the ruin at the top of Oppelskop. From there we went on up until we connected with the two trails that meet near the top of Devil’s Peak.

Devil's peak hike

Looking across Table Bay

Devil's peak hike1

Looking across Cape Town with Robben Island in the distance

We stopped for a snack and drink before heading up the last bit to the top of the peak. We managed to find a sheltered spot and get out of the wind for a bit. It was from this point that I took the two images above. I always carry my camera when I go hiking because it is amazing what one sees - the views, the rock formations and the beautiful flowers and vegetation.

Devil's peak hike2

And the clouds roll in…

The wind was howling and the clouds kept being blown over the peak. It was a real ‘now you see it - now you don’t’ experience. Quite magical! Luckily the wind and clouds co-operated and we had an amazing view from the top. Looking down across the Saddle, sometimes the clouds were there and sometime not - it was quite amazing to see how fast they moved.

Devil's peak hike3

Clouds cover the mountains

From the top, the view back over the Constantia Valley and Cape Flats was quite dramatic because of the clouds.

The walk down was relatively easy as the quality of the paths on the mountain is incredible, although the knees do complain a bit! It was a beautiful hike and well worth the effort. Many thanks to Larry for leading us.

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Images © j_hallward 2011

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