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February 09, 2012

A day in the Kitchen with the Foodbarn’s Franck Dangereux

Ask any patrons of the Foodbarn Restaurant in picturesque Noordhoek why they keep coming back to this delightful eatery, and chances are the answer will be for impressive master chef Franck Dangereux's creative and tasty menus.

A culinary wizard of note, Franck whips up gourmet treats in his spacious kitchen and clients just can’t get enough. From his impressive start as a trainee at three-star restaurants in France, to planting roots as a restaurant owner and chef in Cape Town, Franck has garnered quite a following.

I chatted to Franck about his favourite culinary pastimes and his love for Cape Town:

What are your top five food markets in Cape Town and why?

I don’t have a particular favourite. I am encouraged by the rise of organic markets in Cape Town but prefer to find one less trendy and where there is an abundance of choice.

Going to get your fresh food for the week is an absolute treat.

What are the cooking rules you live by?

To try to buy the best fresh ingredients I can, and to treat cooking with respect. Respect the slaughtered animal, fish must be sustainable and not endangered, and veggies must be organically grown.

If Cape Town was a gourmet meal, what would she be and why? 

She would be a fondue, a dish in which you cook meat in all sauces. The Mother City has so many cultures that it is like a fondue with influences from a variety of sources.

What is your best kept Capetonian secret?

Probably the Made in China shop in Claremont where you can find the best Asian food.

How does Cape Town inspire you?

Cape Town inspires me because it is in Africa and it is a noble piece of land with an incredible history. My adopted home has made me feel welcome for more than 20 years.

For more information about Franck and the Foodbarn Restaurant, please visit www.thefoodbarn.co.za or call +27 (0)789 1390.

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