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February 26, 2010

Marine life in Cape Town – A Cape Town Photo Essay

Klipvis fish

Speckled klipvis (Clinus venustris). The reef abounds with these ubiquitous little fish.
They make great photo subjects with their striking poses.

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Gas-flame nudibranch (Bonisa Nakaza)

One of the largest and most abundant species of nudibranchs (sea slugs) on the Cape Peninsula. They have a highly variable colouration from the classic “Gas-flame” pictured above, to white with orange ceratal tips.

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Basket star (Astrocladus euryale) on a sinuous sea fan (Eunicella tricoronata)
These sea fans are plentiful in fairly deep water in False Bay and are often adorned with beautiful lace-like basket stars.

Blog Featured Image

Box jellyfish (Carybdea Alata)

Although not nearly as virulent as their lethal Australian relatives, these jelly fish, or sea wasps, pack a painful sting.

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Images © Tony Makin 2010

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