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March 28, 2012

A very rocking adventure with team Cape Town Tourism

Cape Town Tourism’s team is passionate, fun and lives the brand! Recently, team members attended a half-day, adrenalin-pumping adventure experience with Blue Rock Cable Water Ski

Image © Cape Town Tourism

Arriving at the venue sporting My Cape Town T-shirts! 

Image © Cape Town Tourism

With nerves ruffled, the team was excited to try this out! 

Image © Cape Town Tourism

Off to the launch pad, while the the excitement mounts! 

Image © Cape Town Tourism

Being tugged into the water on a knee board is a little strange but the rush of wind passing over you is refreshing! However, after a few tries some opted out but those who stuck it out travelled the entire expanse of warm water. What a workout! 

Image © Cape Town Tourism

The team then prepared themselves for the foofie slide! Everyone put aside their fear and jumped off a cliff, while hanging onto a secure cable, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Photo courtesy Blue Rock Cable Water Ski

After an eventful day, members of the team said: 

Sabeegah Kaffoor: “I absolutely loved it. It is perfect for a quick adrenalin fix, and such a good stress reliever. The pizza at the restaurant serves the best I've had. Blue Rock will surely see me soon!”

Lee Adams: “Having never contemplated water skiing, I now find myself wanting more. Blue Rock is so much more than I expected. It is an ideal environment for the family, with lots to do. I will definitely return. Thanks to the Blue Rock team for some awesome memories!”

Candice Klue: "Blue Rock is definitely a rocking destination with fun-filled activities, and is a wonderful place to visit with the family. Although it is a great picnic destination, their restaurant serves up food which is out of this world!”

Gadijah Darries: “It was an awesome experience! The rides were so much fun and I felt like a child again. It's a great place to go for a day out with the family. I will definitely do it again.”

Cape Town has a number of adventure activities to share. Speak to our team about adventure activities or visit our list of adventure operators here.

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