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March 08, 2013

Argus road closures: spectator planning information

Spectators line the route cheering on cyclists. Photo courtesy of michielvw

Pack your cooler boxes, fold-up chairs and sun hats and make sure your vocal chords are up to the challenge. And then there are those friendly Capetonians who pack bicycle pumps, tyre repair kits and extra water for hapless Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour entrants who get stuck along the way. 

Sunday is going to be quite a day as 35 000 brave people mount their bicycles, many of them riding for charities, others for the fun of it and some to prove that they can finish the 109 kilometres. Look out for tandem bikes, unicycles and entrants braving the heat by dressing up as cartoon characters.

A number of road closures have been announced, and it would be best for spectators to use public transport and to walk to viewing areas.

There are those people who wake up before the crack of dawn to stake their place along the route, many returning to the same spot year after year, to catch a glimpse and shout encouragement to  family, friends, strangers and celebrities taking part in the cycle tour. 

Those in the know will tell you that one of the best spots is at Suikerbossie, which is where cyclists need the most encouragement. This steep hill in Hout Bay has been the comeuppance of many a cyclist.

  • The start of the race, at Hertzog Boulevard, is a good place to be for the super-early birds and maybe the night owls. This is where you will see thousands of very happy, optimistic cyclists setting off
  • Edinburgh Drive, near the top of Wynberg Hill, is the place to spot individual riders
  • Down Main Road in Kalk Bay right up to Fish Hoek is a great stretch, and with a number of restaurants and coffee shops in Kalk Bay, it's a good place to have a hearty breakfast and consider entering the race next year
  • At the bottom of Chapman's Peak, on the way to Hout Bay, is where you will see cyclists racing downhill. It's also a good spot to cheer them on as they muster the courage to face the dreaded Suikerbossie hill
  • By this time most of the cyclists will be exhausted and their legs will feel like jelly, but they will have to brace themselves for that uphill battle on Suikerbossie. Spectators love this spot; it's where lots of drama happens
  • Camps Bay is next. Stand with your back to the turquoise sea and wave 
  • The way to Sea Point can be treacherous, and the sharp curve from Victoria Road into Queens has seen many a crash over the years as speeding cyclists attempt to negotiate it
  • Die-hard spectators will line the home stretch from Green Point to the Cape Town stadium, where the finish line is. Being at the finish line gives spectators the opportunity to be close to their favourite cyclists, and to congratulate their family and friends on finishing the most picturesque cycle tour in the world

The City will close the following roads on Saturday 9 March:

Foreshore, Cape Town CBD

  • Hertzog Boulevard, outbound carriageway between Heerengracht and Christiaan Barnard (Oswald Pirow) (Saturday 16h00-Sunday 11h30)

Green Point

  • Helen Suzman Boulevard, Beach Rd to traffic circle (city-bound carriageway) (Saturday 12h00-Sunday 21h00)

Noordhoek, Hout Bay

  • Chapman’s Peak Drive (M6), Noordhoek Rd (M6) to Princess St (Saturday 18h00-Sunday 17h00)

The City will close the following roads on Sunday 10 March:


  • Hertzog Boulevard, both carriageways between the Heerengracht and Nelson Mandela Boulevard (N2) (00h00-11h30)
  • Heerengracht, both carriageways between Hans Strijdom Ave (Fountain Circle) and Coen Steytler Ave (04h00-11h30)

Woodstock, University Estate

  • De Waal Drive (M3), outbound between Roodebloem Rd and Hospital Bend. Traffic will be diverted to Main Rd (05h30-11h30)

CBD, Woodstock

  • Nelson Mandela Boulevard (N2) eastbound (05h30-11h30)

Hospital Bend (N2, M3) Interchange

  • Settlers Way (N2) to M3 (Muizenberg) ramp (southbound) (05h30-11h30)
  • M3 on-ramp from Groote Schuur Hospital (Southbound) (05h30-11h30)

Mowbray, Rondebosch, Newlands, Claremont, Bishopscourt

  • M3 (Rhodes Drive, Union Ave, Paradise, Edinburgh Drive) southbound, including all on-ramps between Nelson Mandela Boulevard up to Trovato Link (06h00-11h45)

Wynberg, Constantia, Tokai

  • M3 (Blue Route) southbound, including all on-ramps between Trovato Link and Steenberg Rd (06h00-12h15)


  • Steenberg Rd (M42), M3 off-ramp to Main Rd (M4) (06h15-12h15)

Tokai, Lakeside, Muizenberg, False Bay Coast to Cape Point, Scarborough

  • ​Main Rd (M4), between Steenberg Rd and Clairvaux Rd (06h15-12h30)
  • Main Rd (M4), Clairvaux Rd to Fish Hoek traffic circle (06h15-12h50)
  • Main Rd (M4), Fish Hoek traffic circle to Glen Rd, Glencairn (06h30-13h00)
  • Main Rd (M4), Glen Rd to Simon’s Town (06h30-13h15)
  • Main Rd (M4), Simon’s Town to entrance of Cape Point Nature Reserve (06h45-14h30)
  • Main Rd (M4), entrance of Cape Point Nature Reserve to Perdekloof (M65) (07h00-14h30)
  • Main Rd (M4), Perdekloof to Soetwater (07h00-15h00)

Cape Point, Scarborough, Kommetjie, Ocean View

  • Slangkop Rd (M82), Soetwater to Kommetjie Rd (M65) (06h45-15h00)

Kommetjie, Ocean View, Masipumelele

  • Kommetjie Rd (M65), Slangkop Rd to Glencairn Expressway (M6) (06h45-15h30)

Noordhoek, Sun Valley

  • Ou Kaapse Weg Extension (M64), Kommetjie Rd (M65) to Noordhoek Rd (M6) (06h45-15h30)
  • Noordhoek Rd (M6), Ou Kaapse Weg Extension (M64) to base of Chapman’s Peak Drive (06h45-16h00)
  • Chapman’s Peak Drive (00h00-16h30)

Hout Bay, Llandudno

  • Chapman’s Peak Drive (M6), Princess St (M90) to Victoria Ave (M6), Hout Bay (07h00-17h30)

Hout Bay, Llandudno, Camps Bay, Bakoven

  • Victoria Rd (M6) northbound and southbound, Princess Rd (M90) Hout Bay to Camps Bay (07h00-17h30)

Camps Bay, Bantry Bay and Clifton

  • Victoria Rd (M6) northbound and southbound: between Houghton Rd and Camps Bay Drive (07h30-17h30)
  • Victoria Rd (M6) northbound and southbound: between Camps Bay Drive and The Mead Way (05h00-17h45)

Camps Bay, Clifton, Bantry Bay

  • Victoria Rd (M6) northbound and southbound, The Mead Way to Lower Kloof Rd (07h30-18h00)
  • Victoria Rd (M6) northbound and southbound, Lower Kloof Rd to Queens Rd, Sea Point (04h00-17h45)

Bantry Bay, Sea Point

  • Queens Rd (M6), Victoria Rd to Beach Rd (06h00-17h45)

Sea Point, Green Point, Mouille Point

  • Beach Rd (M6) city-bound carriageway, Queens Rd Circle to St Johns Road (06h00-18h30)
  • Beach Rd (M6) city-bound carriageway, St Johns Rd to Helen Suzman Boulevard (M6) (07h30-19h30)
  • Beach Rd to Fritz Sonnenberg (07h30-19h30)

Green Point area

  • Fritz Sonnenberg between Beach Road and Granger Bay Boulevard, and Green Point traffic circle (controlled access point) (07h30-18h30)
  • Bill Peters Drive, at Bay Rd (04h00-19h30)
  • Helen Suzman Boulevard (M6) eastbound from Beach Rd to Green Point traffic circle (00h00-21h00)
  • Helen Suzman Boulevard (M6) westbound from Green Point traffic circle to Beach Rd (04h00-19h30)
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