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May 06, 2014

9 Ways Thando Can Make Your Life Easier when Exploring Cape Town

So you've come to Cape Town to explore, not only the icons but the little discoveries, the sights and sounds and smells and surprises - and what better way than through the eyes of a local? Especially one who gives you free stuff! 

Cape Town Tourism has launched an innovative mobile Visitor Information Centre called Thando to assist visitors to explore (aka fall in love with) Cape Town. Here are 9 ways Thando  will make your Cape Town adventure that much easier: 

1. Get free booking

Thando’s staff will organise everything free of charge!

2. Get your tickets 

Vendors will assist with online purchases via Computicket and Webtickets.

3. Get free WIFI

Chill out on the locally designed chairs and tables and explore Cape Town online.

4. Get insider tips

Thando is manned by informed Cape Town Tourism hosts, who offer personalised assistance based on insider knowledge.

5. Get take away info

Get yourself a free Official Cape Town Visitor’s Guide, as well as a variety of other informative brochures to help you explore Cape Town’s riches.

6. Support responsible tourism

Thando’s operations unit is completely solar powered. It also uses Mercedes-Benz’s BLUE EFFICIENCY to optimise fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

7. Learn the Lingo

Thando will help you understand the locals and get a bit of trendy South African under your belt. Thando means "love" in IsiXhosa, one of South Africa's 11 local languages.

8. Win prizes

Guess where Thando is each day and win, including a road trip to Cape Town. The competition runs from 9 - 27 June.

9. Get live updates and useful info online

Follow #Thando on twitter via @CapeTownTourism and on Facebook via I ❤ Cape Town

Where to find Thando:
Thando will be stationed at events, high visitor traffic areas and anywhere it is otherwise needed in a bid to meet travellers – and locals – wherever they are when needing information and booking assistance.

The Official Launch: 

Thando was at World Travel Market Africa. Both the vehicle and the trade event are firsts for the continent.

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